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By working towards combatting hate and spreading love!

Would you like to stop hate from spreading? Better yet, would you like to stop hate in its tracks and teach tolerance and acceptance?
I certainly would!
As you know, hate is prevalent everywhere in this day and age. Many fear it will only get worse. One can only wonder what kind of world our children or grandchildren will end up living in. If love for your fellow human being, regardless of color, race and religion is being taught at an early age, the child will grow up to love all of humanity, without exception.
“O mankind, indeed We have created you from male and female and made you peoples and tribes that you may know one another.” Quran 49:13

My New Book “Princess Diversity”

I’ve written a children’s book for ages four to ten. It is a universal message of love and peace to all children regardless of their race or religion. I need your help to get it off the ground. With your help, I will be able to have this book illustrated, published, and marketed.
My book, “Princess Diversity,” will help set the foundation of love, respect, and understanding towards other people, societies, cultures and races at the tender age when a child’s character is developing.
Together, we can change the outlook for the future of our children and the state of the world by helping to eliminate racism, prejudices, and biases.

Meet Princess Diversity

Let me introduce myself. My name is Princess Diversity. I have a little bit of everyone in me, as you can see. I have a touch, a sprinkle, a spark of everyone who lives in this world and that is why my parents named me Princess Diversity.

Princess Diversity is the main character of my new book. She is a girl with a diverse look. I was inspired by the aborigines of Australia, who had dark skin and blonde hair. Her religion is left to the reader’s imagination.

Why am I writing this book?

Often I contemplate about what happens around the world. There is so much misunderstanding and hate. I ask myself, what can I do?
This is what I can do.
By writing children’s book that teaches good morals.

Make sure to tell your friends and family about this book and fundraiser!

Please Donate:
We would like you to share the reward with us in this noble cause by making this world a better place for our children and future generations. This book will inspire children to grow up to love and serve humanity.
In order to successfully complete this project and get our book into schools, libraries, and homes around the world, we are asking you to contribute to our campaign. Monetary contributions are needed in order to complete the manufacturing, distribution, and marketing of our readers. Also, please share our campaign on your social media networks to help us get the word out about this book.

Jazakallahu Khair

Your sister in humanity and faith,
Gulmakai Popal Saleh is an educator, mentor, author and a parent of four beautiful children. She has written a fiction published book called “The Everything Soup.” She has been working with numerous Muslim communities for the past 13 years. Besides her love for self-study, she is pursuing her Bachelor Degree in Psychology & Islamic Studies. Gulmakai has experience in various subjects spanning across different aspects of the educational field, along the line she has coordinated countless events and has been working with a multiple, diverse communities and helping people of all ages.
She has been awarded for being a Creative Teacher, Dedicated Teacher, as well as having been recognized as a Leader and dedicated Parent.
Her passion for inspiring, motivating, and educating the youth for being the torch bearers of the future has driven her to be a youth and parent-mentor and author. She has started her own blog ‘Youth Under the Shade.’


“Gulmakai is always thinking about the bigger picture and how to get there. She is aware of how the actions of today may affect the future. Her forward thinking input is what has driven many educators and administrators to think outside the box to solve issues that affected the day to day experiences of teachers and student.” 

– Keran Chaudhry, Social Scientist, Justice Policy, M.S., Social Science, M.A

” Sister Gulmakai promotes Islamic values and helps build up self-esteem. She is very knowledgeable on many topics. Her presentations offer useful ways we can improve our daily lives.  Gulmakai is very dedicated to her students and is always ready to answer questions. Also, her children’s book is very fun and lively!”

 – Nida Uddin, Founder of Young Sisters

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