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Israeli accused of killing wife who disturbed tennis

JERUSALEM : Israeli prosecutors on Thursday charged a 76-year-old Tel Aviv man with killing his wife after she disturbed him when he was watching tennis on television.

A copy of the charge sheet obtained by AFP said that Maurice Biniashvilli bludgeoned to death his wife Malcha after she prevented him seeing decisive moments in the Australian Open championship on January 31.
It did not give her age but said the couple had been married since 1955.
“As the accused tensely watched the tennis game he became angry at the deceased who was talking to him and distracting him from viewing the game,” it read.
The accused went to the kitchen and brought a wooden chopping board, approached the deceased who was sitting on a sofa in the living room, grasped the board in both hands and struck the deceased on the head with it,” the charge sheet said.

It said that after repeated blows his wife wrenched the chopping board from his grasp but, “determined to cause her death, he went back to the kitchen, got a hammer and struck her repeatedly on the head as she screamed in pain.

It said that neighbours and passers-by who heard the screaming broke into the apartment and summoned police.
Malcha was rushed to hospital with severe head and brain injuries and died on February 3.

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