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Pakistan Day was celebrated at remote Area of Attock by encouraging Talented Students

ATTOCK(CHHAB): Our forefathers achieved this independent country after great sacrifices and now it is our paramount duty to maintain it and work hard for its development . Scientist Gul Feroz Tariq Khattak , Chairman UC Dakhner Khan Wazir Khattak , Chairman UC Malowali Malik Riaz u Din, Former Nazim UC Chhab Omer Khattak , Abdul Hakeem , Shahid Khattak said this while addressing Annual Parents Day/ Independence Day function held at Star Public School and College Nandrakabad Chhab. On the occasion Col(r) Yousaf Khattak , Shamshad Khattak , Muhammad Iqbal of Kanjoor , Shahid Khattak, Journalist Muhammad Sabrin and large number of parents and students were also present. The first ever function of its kind was arranged by Engineer Usman Gul Khattak and Shamshad Khattak. The speakers said , we must educate our youth , build their character and train them in such a way that they should become able to face the challenges of today’s modern era . Better education and good character can guarantee better future and development. They said , a lot of talent is available in this area, just a better guidance will bring this talent ahead. They said , specially we must own the orphans and the poor children and said that philanthropists to play their role in this context. The speakers specially emphasized upon the locals to play their role for the eradication of social evils (drug addiction and gambling etc) from this society . They said , youth must have a motto in their life and must work hard to achieve this motto. Talking about the prevailing situation in the country , they said, we are in state of war and must play our role to get the country out of this situation. The speakers lauded the role of Star Public School and College in enhancing literacy rate of the area and giving quality education to the youth,As many as 60 students from Star Public School and other schools of the locality which include Simabya Khattak and others were given trophies , commendation certificates , precious wrist watches and cash prizes.

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