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Pakistani Woman Entrepreneur Receives “Immigrant Award 2016”

Hartford (Afroasia News) A group of immigrants from the state of Connecticut were recognized

for their effortless commitment in making the community a better one on immigrant day last

week. Mrs. Tazeen Zaheer was one of them who received immigrant award 2016.

Mrs. Tazeen Zaheer migrated from Pakistan to the United States of America in the late 80’s and

got settled in State of Connecticut , where 20 years later, Mr. Zaheer has become a pivotal part

of the Community. Tazeen became an active member and volunteer for the Pakistani American

Organization of Connecticut, where she has dedicated her time and efforts into mending the

community together by helping plan educational and social events. Later on, she became the

cofounder of a group called Women for Community Harmony, a non-profit organization

dedicated to the well-being of misrepresented women from all diversities.

On the professional level, Tazeen owns and manages a wedding design company with the name

of Starz Décor. Tazeen takes immense pride in the community of Connecticut, considering it as a

family of her own and finds that as motivation to continuously help grow the community


She was awarded the “Immigrant Award” of 2016 at the Connecticut State Capitol by Governor

Dan Malloy, alongside with lieutenant governor, Nancy Wyman and accompanied by many other

state legislators. Many Pakistani’s from the community gathered at the State Capitol to celebrate

this milestone with Tazeen and her family.

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