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Pakistani workers of Saudi Bin Laden company appeal for payment of salaries

RIYADH: Pakistani employees of Bin Laden company in Saudi Arabia have appealed to the embassy for help as their nine-month salaries are pending and they are out of ration.

While conversing with a private TV channel on Thursday, the victimized Pakistani nationals said that they had contacted the concerned embassy in Saudi Arabia but no one paid heed to their issue.

There are companies besides Bin Laden that are having issues paying their workers. Pakistani workers from two other companies, namely M/s Saad Trading and Contracting Company, Al-Khobar (520 workers) and Saudi Oger Limited (8000 workers) are facing problems in getting their salaries and their end of service benefits.

In addition, the resident permits of many of the employees have not been renewed by the companies concerned. It should be noted here that the companies have not refused the claims of their employees but are not able to pay their dues for several months.

In the given circumstances, most of the workers want to leave these companies but only after settling their dues.

Pir Syed Sadaruddin Shah Rashidi, federal minister for Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development has gone to Saudi Arabia to settle the issues.

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