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Sisters diagnosed with breast cancer weeks apart

Utah sisters Sharee Page and Annette Page share almost everything, including breast cancer.

The siblings found out they had cancer two weeks apart, AP reports. They both have the BRCA2 gene, a mutation that puts a woman at a much greater risk for breast and ovarian cancers.

Lindsay Page, Sharee and Annette’s sister-in-law, also has cancer. Lindsay, 38, was the first of the sisters to be diagnosed in January 2015, according to People. She has angiosarcoma, cancer of the inner lining of blood vessels. She thought she was cancer free after undergoing surgery, but tumors turned up in her liver and lungs in February.

Annette, 36, was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer in late March. When Sharee, 34, heard, she got tested and found out she had Stage 2 breast cancer. How are they getting through the hard times? Humor.

“We decided, ‘Okay, we’ve all been given lemons – let’s make some lemonade,” Sharee, who is documenting her journey on YouTube under the name Breast Cancer Babe, toldPeople.

Another support system: Simply having each other.

Sharee and Annette are on the same chemotherapy schedule, and they have experienced nearly identical symptoms after each session. When it came time for Sharee to shave her head, she let Annette (who was already bald) do the honor.

Sharee told People, “we’re optimistic that one day the three of us will look back and say, ‘Remember that time when we all had cancer?’ “

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